Vertx Documentation

Vertx provides solutions for content-based multimedia search (query by example) in large-scale multimedia databases containing millions of items. It’s very much like “Shazam” but extended to work with videos. It has the ability to operate on severely distorted media content (for example, camera jitter, screen with glare, acoustic noise) and can robustly identify content from multimedia clips.

What can Vertx do for you:

  • Identify music and movies on mobile devices: point cellphone camera at a TV screen and get the titles of the movie and the song being played.
  • Find copyrighted material: scan video and audio content against a database of copyrighted music, movies, and TV shows; find instantly any matching items in user uploaded clips.
  • Detect duplicates: scan your multimedia catalogue and detect duplicate content.
  • Monitor live broadcasts: scan live multimedia streams and find matches with broadcast TV or radio channels.