Container Interface

One can also use the provided container image to run Vertx command line utility on the platforms where it is not available yet. Please, install docker or podman container engines for your operating system and run the following command:

docker run -v $(pwd)/data:/data --rm vertxai/vertx_cli:latest /app/vertx --token YOUR_VERTX_API_KEY /data/sample.mp4


podman run -v $(pwd)/data:/data --rm vertxai/vertx_cli:latest /app/vertx --token YOUR_VERTX_API_KEY /data/sample.mp4

The command will download the latest container image with the Vertx command line utility and run the container. It mounts local ./data/ directory to container /data/ directory. Media files have to be copied to the local directory:

mkdir -p ./data/
cp sample.mp4 ./data/