The simplest way to start using Vertx technology is through the REST API. One can call REST API either by making requests from the Vertx Playground page or using command line utilities like curl. When using the REST API, the media content is being uploaded to the Vertx Backend. Digital fingerprints are extracted from the uploaded content and are matched against reference databases.

The following one-minute video tutorial shows how to play with the API directly from your browser using the Vertx Playground.

One can also use a command line utility like curl to directly call our API. API key should be provided in the X-Session-Token header. The command to find matches for sample.mp4 in the public bucket is provided below:

$ curl -X POST "" -H "X-Session-Token: YOUR_VERTX_API_KEY" -F "media_file=@/path/to/sample.mp4"

So as the fingerprint is extracted on our servers when using REST API, we impose the following additional limitations on the search calls:

  • Max uploaded file size is 100 MB;
  • Max media content length is 600 seconds;