Vertx Technology

Vertx technology facilitates reverse audio/video search at a large scale. It works amazingly fast, allowing one to identify any piece of content within a blink of an eye. Vertx is able to scan the audio and video content of the clip against multimedia databases containing millions of songs and thousands of movies and identify all the matches in a second.

For instance, check out the following video:

It was captured using a cellphone camera pointed at a TV screen running “Troy” movie with a some music (not from the movie) in the background. As you can see the quality of the capture is poor: the picture jitters, there is a reflection on the screen, the original movie sound track is suppressed by a music playing on the foreground. However, our technology is able to recognize the origin of the video and audio tracks even in such tough conditions. Note that Vertx technology operates on video and audio separately.

You can test our technology yourself. You can download the video file sample.mp4, which we used here for the demonstration, using the following direct link.