Content-based multimedia search

Instantly find any video or audio clip in a database of millions of items. It just works!

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Copyright protection

Scan video and audio content against a database of copyrighted music, movies, and TV shows. Instantly find any matching items in user uploaded clips.

On-device content identification

Identify audio and video content on a mobile device with no internet connection. Digital fingerprints for reference content are stored in local database.

Live broadcast monitoring

Real-time processing of broadcast content. Scan any live multimedia streams and find matches with broadcast TV or radio channels.

Second screen experience

Instantly identify position and channel of broadcast content and provide end-users with interactive features.

How it works

Vertx services are powered by our proprietary digital fingerprinting technology. Digital fingerprint is a compact representation of a multimedia stream. It is robust to codec compressions, background noise and various transformations. We provide API to submit fingerprints for reference content into index and make queries.