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Vertx Architecture

Vertx technology facilitates reverse audio/video search at a large scale. It works amazingly fast, allowing one to identify any piece of content within a blink of an eye. Check out this YouTube video that was captured using a cellphone camera pointed at a TV screen running "Troy" movie and some music in the background.

Vertx is able to scan the audio and video content of the clip against multimedia databases containing millions of songs and thousands of movies and identify all the matches in a second.

The video file sample.mp4 will be used in API search request examples throughout the rest of the documentation and can be downloaded following this direct link.

Vertx Architecture

Vertx technology is based on extracting digital signatures from audio and video content (called digital fingerprints) and adding them to a searchable index. Much likely like human fingerprints, digital fingerprints uniquely identify a chunk of audio/video content. Fingerprints are highly compressed when compared to the original media content and it's not possible to restore the original content from digital fingerprints.

The three main components of the Vertx ecosystem are Vertx Cloud, Vertx Backend and Vertx Clients.

alt text

Vertx Cloud stores indices of the reference fingerprints and serves search and registration requests from Vertx Backend.

There are two different ways vertx clients interact with the server:

  • Process multimedia content and send extracted fingerprints to the server for indexing or searching. Clients functioning in this mode are:

  • Upload multimedia content to the server and delegate fingerprint extraction to the server components. Clients functioning in this mode are:

    • Any REST client talking to the Vertx REST API, which exposes endpoints to upload raw multimedia files. For the complete set of API calls refer to the Playground page.

When using Vertx command line utility or running a docker container, fingerprint extraction happens on the client side and no original media content is being uploaded. Only extracted fingerprints are sent to the Vertx backend servers for search or registration.